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About Me

Hello! My name is Ken Gehring and I am a self-taught photographer based out of Benton, Arkansas specializing in lifestyle fine art portraiture. I began my photography journey in 2011 and my dedication to this craft has given me the strength to learn and perfect my skills to become a widely known name amongst the photography community. Having always shot with natural/available light, I am now working in my new studio space with other forms of artificial light. I am super excited about the endless possibilities this offers my clients.

I am honored to share that my work has been featured in Eloise Magazine, Meuse Magazine, Aphotic Magazine, Vogue Italia and several more.

I am married, a father and a grandfather. I’ve spent my life photographing my children and learning the importance of photographic memories. One of my favorite past times is to sit down and take out my mother’s old photo albums and go thru them looking at the great images of her family. I think these albums are where my love for “vintage” photography came from with a love for the style, the cars, the fashion and just the carefree tone of the photos of yesterday! I want to help create these same memories and albums for you and your family. Let’s make memories, together! ~ken