Framing Your Soul

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Ken Gehring….. the Artist

He is a self-taught photographer based out of Benton, Arkansas specializing in fine art portraiture.

His style is distinct, a result of both his unrelenting commitment to his craft and the complete trust from the clients who commission him.

He has been passionate about photography ever since he was a child, sitting for hours, pouring through family photo albums in his mother’s living room.

At the age of 45, he entered a photography competition that required shooting in black and white film, which started a lifelong pursuit of artistic photography that has only grown stronger with the passage of time.

He began his photography journey in 2011. Since then, his dedication to this craft has given him the strength to learn and perfect his skills and become a widely known name among the photography community.

His fine art images have been featured in several publications like Vogue Italia and countless other websites. Many private and corporate collectors have collected his works. Ken also contributes to websites such as Getty Images and Arcangel.

His style might not be for everybody, but those who feel it can contact him by email or you can call him at 501-412-2126 to discuss their custom Fine Art Portrait session.